why is insert shapes greyed out in excel

Thread starter bobhc; Start date Aug 14, 2012; bobhc Excel Ninja. I am trying to copy A225:Q227 and then "insert copied cells" and "shift cells down", but the option to "insert copied cells" is greyed out. I had this same problem with an old spreadsheet, where suddenly I could no longer add new data to the chart. Add shapes in Microsoft Excel. I'm using Excel 2010 and when I right-click on a row or column, the Insert/Insert cut/copied rows/columns context specific options are greyed out. I also tried going to the "Insert" ribbon but the only thing that is not grayed out on that ribbon is "Header & Footer". Only one shape or picture is selected. You use the code name of a control in the names of its event procedures. Click Options. Tried this by drawing across cells and drawing over a chart I inserted, and in both cases the drawing was retained. Resolved it. Insert Sheet - Greyed Out. You can easily add a wide variety of shapes to your Microsoft Excel worksheets, including squares, circles, stars, arrows, smiley faces, lines, equation shapes, and callouts. It’s important to install updates for entire office version you have installed to acquire the complete result of fix. report. The options work when I open excel in safe mode. I've tried cells across the ENTIRE worksheet, and they all exhibit the same behavior. The insert ribbon on one of my workbooks is greyed out... so i can't insert shapes or anything. I want to use data from 3 columns for chart as I had in old sheet. "Go to Footer" greyed out), but Excel will let you add a Canned Footer (go figure). Any idea why? In Microsoft Excel, click the Insert tab at the top of the program window. opened again in 2010, continued work, saved and when i re-opened, macro buttons (controls) were missing, and the insert Controls tag on ribbon menu is greyed out the underlying macros are still in the worksheet, but i cannot add any new controls to worksheet. I’ve scoured the internet for a solution and have tried everything below. The weird thing is, I also have a "Insert Equation" button on the same toolbar, clicking that opens a small menu of ready stored equations and at the bottom there is another "Insert new equation" button, that is also grayed out. 6 6. comments. Using Excel Home and Business 2013 Version 15.0.5023.1000. Select the type of shape you want to add from the drop-down menu that appears. I am having an Excel 2010 workbook with macros. Nov 3, 2012 #1 Hi All, I am using excel 2013 Preview edition and have come across an issue that someone will know the answer to. When trying to insert a picture, a shape, a diagram or controls in draft mode, all of those functions appear disabled in the menu. • The worksheets are not grouped. hide. Insert Text Box is greyed out on an Excel 2010 spreadsheet Many times I have added a text box to an Excel spreadsheet, but on a spreadsheet that I'm currently creating, after clicking Insert on the ribbon I find the Text Box button greyed out. You can't use the Group tool with SVG icons, so those don't count. For fixing up cannot insert object in Excel or the issue mentioned in the above symptoms. Note: I am very new to excel. X. Xx7 … I also tried to cut and paste an arrow from another excel document, but it would not allow me to paste it. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Nov 17 '11 at 2:20. How to Add Shapes in Microsoft Excel. It had to do with the user's privacy settings for Office 365. Why? Thread starter wardy0601; Start date Nov 3, 2012; W. wardy0601 Board Regular. I have an Excel document that I want to add arrows to, but the autoshapes options are all greyed out. This person is a verified professional.

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