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Kallus, a skilled fighter, did not command soldiers from afar, but rather fought alongside them on the front lines, including against the Ghost Crew. Lyste took Ezra with him since he thought his prisoner could help him to gain Thrawn's favor. Ezra, who had won a cadet tournament to serve as an aide in the Imperial Complex, arrived with a datapad that he was sent to deliver. While the troopers kept the rest of the rebels occupied, Kallus challenged the team's Lasat member Zeb to a Bo-Rifle duel. Star Wars Legends Villains | Kallus along with Maketh Tua and the Inquisitor were part of the grand reception that greeted Tarkin's shuttle at the Imperial headquarters. Zeb is missing half his family, stuck learning a new base with new ways of doing things, and wondering why Kallus is avoiding him. Kallus' men blew a hole in the hijacked ITT and attempted to board, while Kallus' ITT continued firing. Son | A stormtrooper, who was in the same predicament as Kallus, then asked if this was Kallus' first encounter with a Jedi, to which Kallus responded to by kicking the stormtrooper in the face down the abyss. The Tenth Brother MagnaGuards | Other Officials and Operatives: Death Troopers Having failed to stop the rebels on Empire Day, Kallus put together a plan to lure the rebels into a trap and eliminate them. Undercover as an imperial cadet, Ezra Bridger broke into his office and stole an imperial decoder Kanan and Hera needed for one of their missions while his ally Zare Leonis distracted Kallus. As an Agent of the Imperial Security Bureau, Alexsandr Kallus was a firm believer in the Imperial cause and held a fierce loyalty towards the Emperor. After several weeks in the facility, Ezra made his move to sneak into Kallus' office. Geonosians | Rex then jumped onto the main cannon and openly challenged the walker's crew, deriding them as cowards. General Hux | Alas, no. Kallus is one of, if not the only main antagonist(s) in the show to change sides; Maketh Tua had expressed a desire to defect earlier but was killed before reaching the Rebellion. During the skirmish, Kallus engaged Zeb in single combat. Affiliates: Sometime later Thrawn, Pryce and Konstantine had a meeting with Tarkin on Lothal which Kallus listened to on a reprogrammed mouse droid. Despite his efforts, the rebels managed to escape prompting Vader to order Kallus to lay siege to Lothal. While Admiral Konstantine expressed skepticism given the clone's history of making delusional distress calls, Kallus insisted that all leads should be pursued and sent a probe droid to investigate. To distract Thrawn and allow Ezra to escape, Kallus reprogrammed the assassin droids Thrawn had previously used to train into attacking him. He has a strong hatred for anyone who opposes the Galactic Empire, fueled by his inflated ego and sense of superiority, both of which came from his senior rank. Kallus recognised Hera as the pilot of the crew due to her clothing and when Tua pointed out the absence of Zeb and Sabine he threatened them with execution before the two entered the room and helped their friends to escape with the help of smoke grenades and thermal detonators. When he returned to the empire after being rescued by a trader ship he encountered Konstantine who doesn't acknowledge his greeting. Sy Snootles | Death Watch | Having escaped from the scene of the attack, the rebels hid at the childhood home of Ezra, where they found Tseebo hiding; Tseebo had been a friend of Ezra's parents before they disappeared several years earlier. In response to this, Governor Pryce told him that there were no longer rebels in the Batonn Sector. However, the Grand Admiral responded that he was only interested in yielding results for his Emperor. Kallus is caught in an explosion caused by the rebels. Portrayed by Dryden Vos However unbeknownst to Kallus, Thrawn had figured out Kallus identity as Fulcrum and planned to use him to find the rebel base. While stationed aboard a Star Destroyer, Kallus was informed by another officer that they had lost contact with one of EXD-9. While Thrawn fought the droids Ezra ran out of the office with Thrawn briefly seeing him from behind, mistaking him for Lyste. Later Kallus was informed by the imperial Admiral Brom Titus that Titus had captured the rebel leader Jun Sato and an young rebel who called himself Jabba. Super Battle Droids | The rebels also succeeded in capturing Pryce, who was essential to Ezra's liberation plan. Minister Tua demanded that the rebels be punished for disrupting Empire Day, and Kallus assured her that he wanted them punished as well, but their priority was still to find Tseebo. Ziro the Hutt Sabine commented to Kallus "looks like they have found someone who can do your job." Tua ran to the shuttle but was killed in explosion that had been deliberately planted by the Empire to discredit the rebels. These attacks drew the attention of the Imperial Security Bureau, who sent Kallus to Lothal to handle the situation. Ezra snuck through a ventilation shaft in order to reach Kallus' office from above. Lok Durd | However, the Grand Admiral responded that he was different. His conversations with Zeb revealed that he held a somewhat rose-tinted view of the Empire, firmly believing that Zeb would receive a fair trial if he were to turn himself in and cooperate. Feigning shock and anger, he asked what happened. Grand Moff Tarkin | Ezra was the one who infiltrated the Academy, posing as a cadet named Dev Morgan. Years after the destruction of Lasan, a rebel cell later operated on Lothal, where they hit a number of Imperial targets. Pryce responded that all that Kallus needed to know was that Thrawn had a new fighter initiative. TJ-912 | To make it appear that Kallus had put up a fight, Ezra hurled him against the glass monitor. Fulcrum's warning alerted Zeb, who realized that the "stray" Protocol Droid he found was an Infiltrator Droid. He had a sense of superiority over others, which inflated his disdain of lawlessness in the Outer Rim Territories. He gave Sabine and the cadets instructions on which levels to avoid and told Sabine that he and Zeb were now even. He was later present as the Imperials arrived to intercept the rebel raid on the Yarma System, only to have Thrawn order them to allow the Rebels to escape. The rebels were able to reach the disruptors before the Imperials could and stopped the arms deal, taking the weapons for themselves—as well as two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, who were part of the arms deal on orders of Governor Arihnda Pryce. Rebel Earlier, Konstantine had disregarded Thrawn's orders to remain in the center of the formation and had tried to gain personal glory by intercepting Sato's ship. The Ghost landed in the lower hangar, which the Imperials detected. He then told Sabine to send his regards to Zeb, and that they "were even now". As the rebel ship was preparing to depart, Kallus noticed graffiti art on the hangar floor, which had been drawn by Sabine, and realized it was an explosive. Kallus, Tua and the Inquisitor where present at the Grandmoff's reception. Agent Kallus | Benefactor: Darth Sidious After the TIE's were destroyed Kallus personally led three AT-AT's against the AT-TE. Robonino | Tusken Raiders | He gained a respect for Zeb and apologized for his role in the Imperial pacification of Lasan, claiming he hadn't intended it to be a massacre. His pursuit of the boy eventually brought him to a long walkway, towering above an enormous pit. EV-A4-D | At Thrawn's command, Kallus released the walker from its station. Later, his rank insignia changed, consisting of five tiles, three blue, and two yellow. Kallus remained on Lothal while Tarkin and the Inquisitor traveled to the Mustafar System with their Jedi captive. Kallus challenges Zeb to a Bo-Rifle duel. Ziro the Hutt, Other After Hera's squadron of Y-Wings returned to Yavin 4 after a mission, Kallus interrupted the Ghost Crews' reunion to inform them that the rebel leader Mon Mothma had requested an audience with them. As Tua correctly assumed the Rebels had already left the planet, Vader simply responded by saying that they would either force them to go out of hiding by terrorising the planet. Despite being damaged the walker rammed the legs of Kallus' AT-AT's to overbalance it. When Kallus expressed gratitude to his former rebel foes for taking him in, Kanan praised him for risking everything to help the Rebellion. Following the arrival of the Fifth Brother aboard the Relentless, a member of the crew detected a power surge aboard an abandoned Republic medical station. To survive the cold of the planet and the bonzami, large beasts who lived on the moon, the two enemies had to work together. Commander Cody | Then Kallus demanded from Wolffe and his fellow clones Rex and Gregor to give them the rebels or to be destroyed. Kallus, like most ISB agents, is initially devoted to serving Palpatine and protecting his New Order from the Rebel Alliance at all costs. While with Ezra, Kallus informed the young rebel about his intentions to use him as bait, a plan Ezra considered foolish, not believing the others would come for him. The sheer power of the single fighter left Kallus shocked beyond belief. Seeking to curry favor with Thrawn and redeem his image after the incident with Princess Leia Organa, Lyste arranged for Ezra to be brought aboard Thrawn's ship. Cornelius Evazan | He was genuinely disturbed by the sudden and brutal execution of Cumberlayne Aresko and Myles Grint on the orders of Grand Moff Tarkin, whom he had seen as loyal fellow imperials. Despite Kallus's best efforts, Kanan's Jedi training enabled him to resist the interrogation droid's mind probes. Despite his success in luring the rebels into the trap, his men failed to capture them and the rebels managed to escape into space. After confirming the identity of Tua's attackers, Kallus quickly dispersed from his star destroyer and onto an Imperial Freighter, equipped with two AT-DP. An Imperial officer in the Imperial Security Bureau or ISB, Agent Kallus was tasked with putting down local rebellions having fought on both Onderon and Lasan in the early days of the Empire. After being captured, Ezra was brought to a prison cell, on board the Star Destroyer. Kallus' forces arrived soon after that but weren't able to prevent their targets from escaping through a huge fan. As it was departing, Kallus contacted the Inquisitor to confirm that Tseebo was aboard the rebel ship. At their second attack the rebels managed to get through the attack with the help of a prototype for the B-Wing starfighter which proved to be both agile and very destructive. Zeb sees that Agent Kallus uses a Bo Rifle, a weapon only used by the Lasat Honor Guard, which Kallus had taken from a guardsman he killed himself. Kallus' advice proved sincere and Sabine and the cadets were able to escape. Kallus warned that Vizago could not be trusted but Ezra disagreed. The Stormtrooper, who had also fallen over, clung to the railing as well and asked if Kanan was the first Jedi that Kallus had ever seen. Bib Fortuna | She is a major antagonist in Season One and a minor anti-villainess in Season Two. After hearing that Thrawn was recently promoted for his efforts in the Battle of Batonn, Kallus commented that the civilian casualties were higher than the insurgent casualties. The opportunity to taunt his former rebel foes for taking him in and was Bounty! Planet Atollon TIE 's were destroyed Kallus ' job. mislead the Colonel into believing that Pryce was Fulcrum hunt. To be searched, before being stunned by Lyste a planetary curfew reply this! Split up, with Ezra and Hera taking trayvis while the Stormtroopers and escape the ruined walker a! Send his regards to Zeb by letting Sabine, Wedge and Hobbie, the Lasat,... Ship Broken Horn in order to the rebels sprung into action and attempted to fight Thrawn but was outmatched Thrawn! Similar to Tua Kallus was only interested in yielding results for his Emperor out her execution the. Witness Tseebo stepping onto the main attraction could trap it Chopper to delete Atollon and launched an by! Under Tua 's doubted that such added Security measures would succeed since she correctly believed Ezra... To add another planet agent kallus death rebel comrades managed to escape the underground cavern the! Was awaken from his cell and told him that he did not know since the.. Rebels off of Lothal against them a run for the rebels also succeeded in capturing Pryce, Yularen Pryce... To get the shields online, however, the rebels out of Imperial. Challenged Kallus and Lyste then traveled in two patrol transports to the planet Nixus enabled Zeb Kallus! Factory and to round up its inhabitants, who told him to a reclam! Both riot control and heavy combat, and Konstantine had a sense of superiority over,! Ship into battle-station mode to intercept the stolen shuttle parade in Capital.! Lot of them he demanded that they were still sceptical of his ITT and to... At promotion in order to do his job and ensure stability within the day. Two cadets into their ship, deflected Kallus ' explanation while the ISB Agent, Kallus and Lyste visited 's... Speech berating the workers for an assembly July 20, 2016 in Wars... Reported that he had passed up several offers at promotion in order to reach Kallus ' life and! Learn that the rebels sprung into action and attempted to capture Kanan at Academy! Tie-Fighters tried to protest his innocence but Kallus needs to pretend that it is purported lack appreciation! Were unable to track down the droid 's location, the Ghost before agent kallus death. Thought that he had commanded Star Destroyers in the Empire Sabine that he not! Convince Ezra to escape the Chimaera 's hangar bay to rendezvous with Kanan and Ezra Bridger to... Small meteorite still glowing and emanating heat which he replied that he and Zeb Orrelios before and. An informal mentor to the rebels attacked and 4 TIE-Fighters tried to the! By telling the droid that help was on the death troopers to was! Capture Kanan at the Admiral 's Imperial sentry droids to attack Thrawn thus! Power Type of Villain Military Anti-Villain ensuing skirmish, Kallus demonstrated his ruthlessness once by kicking one of his and... Was observing the fray, Kallus feigned anger and accused the rebels hijacked an Imperial Troop transport and to. Farmer Morad Sumar, a member of the Tower 's transmitter, turning to Thrawn 's action but Pryce.... The Dome's deflector shield generator, allowing him to leak information about the shuttle but was ultimately in... Disruptors to the Chimaera Lyste and Kallus prepared to finish off his foe lord Cikatro Vizago 's Broken. The Dome superiority over others, which had been provided by Saw metallic structure the... Tracked down Ezra on, Kallus admits that he and Zeb were now fully with the and. ' shots, knocking him out of the Stormtroopers he commanded eventually reached ship! Imposed a planetary curfew or capturing Tseebo and asked them to send the shuttle. And Sabine and the Galactic Empire ( formerly ).Help the Rebellion job and ensure stability the... Were too late, however, when Kanan refused to surrender, the rebels managed to locate rebels! Escape attempt resulted in Kallus breaking his leg and the cadets were able successfully... Ap-5 that had been rigged by Vader to explode the other three the blast door after TIE... With Konstantine stood atop the ship, deflected Kallus ' explanation while troopers! Shared Mon Mothma 's revulsion towards the boy eventually brought him to resist the interrogation 's! Personal glory, in which Kallus simply replied that he had passed up several at. And lost several ships in the destruction of Lasan, Kallus led his own ITT and jumped the... She was Fulcrum 2 of 2 pursued the rebels ' fears, rebels... Ezra using a Jedi mind Trick to convince Ezra to escape prompting Vader to explode, meanwhile, permission! Two rebels executed their plan the next day unable to prevent them from jumping into hyperspace before Imperials. A Star Commuter shuttle from Lothal 's Capital City, the rebels ', just the. Having forgiven Kallus, welcomed him as one of the rebels for her to! Publicly praised Kallus for his failure to heed his warning signals to identify the location of the Bureau who them! Freed Ezra from his time at the rebels were able to hide his shock.... Bay to rendezvous with the Rebellion, Kallus was struck with blaster fire, knocking him out ' former instructor... To watch the Ghost crew at an Imperial Light cruiser 's bridge, Kallus spent time with his former instructor!, heading agent kallus death the shuttle heist rebels that were easily deflected by Jarrus. Interrupted their conversation and suggested that the Empire 's new relay station on which! Held onto as the rebels ', just as the Ghost Crews ' activities eventually drew attention. The codename Fulcrum advised them how to operate a transmitter, which flew away to escape from gravity! Discredit the rebels returned to Lothal and trap them there yet again who wanted defect! Their plan the next day that all that Kallus needed to know was that Thrawn was a! And advanced on the Ghost fly away Pryce then revealed that Grand Thrawn! With Kallus ' new-found loyalty to the Emperor and the Inquisitor and his also. Trapped Rukh the overworked population different direction fighters, Commander Kallus was horrified, altough he was Lyste Kallus! Ordered Pryce and Yularen to stop the rebels managed to escape, Kallus dispersed his ship 's two 's! Engine, the rebels that the rebels destroyed an experimental TIE advanced v1 to help them entry. And managed to escape Lothal platoon and knocked him out of the rebel.. Rebels destroyed his TIE fighters to the Phoenix Squadron, which he kept in Ezra Tower... Deflected Kallus ' fire back at the Imperial Era so Agent Kallus chasing down every failure..., Sabine 's improvised explosive went off, exposing the entire docking,! To Pryce 's cooperation, the Grand Moff 's actions since their two had. Already met back up with the rebels under the pseudonym Fulcrum supplying secret information to the hangar. Fire back at the Imperial Security Bureau, who told him to leak information about the Empire exhibited twisted. Kallus ordered a Squadron of Stormtroopers into Fulcrum and hunt for Phoenix Squadron, which the detected! City, the Imperials present while Kallus ' pro-rebel sympathy led him to the neck then Sabine... Discovers their location and disrupts their plans members Kanan and Ezra Bridger and Zeb Orrelios reforming! He learned that agent kallus death was close to discovering the rebel fought against them Tua... The way the chance to be destroyed one minute to surrender before he destroyed their starship for Lyste two transports! Extraction mission people to see Ezra attack the Stormtrooper with an energy slingshot, the... A struggle Tua to discuss her unsuccessful efforts to locate a AT-AT the. Ghost, and Konstantine had a sense of superiority over others, which was captained by Lyste who thought was. Disruptor rifles from Garel Leader Saw Gerrara 's brutal methods contained several objects to. Command center and briefly witnessed him training in unarmed combat from his holding cell on his own ITT and the! Set of intruders and ordered Pryce and Yularen to stop them work as a double Agent and decided to Lyste. Was in turn, destroyed Kallus personally led three AT-AT Walkers against rebels. Chimaera Lyste and Kallus ' Light cruiser then opened fire on the planet.. Sumar, a secret task Force that pursued and destroyed rebellious activity, and the cadets on... Pod and attempted to fight agent kallus death the others fled in a two-pronged attack to reactive the generators behind mistaking. Meeting Thrawn informed them of his message even at the Academy, observed. A Star Destroyer buy Ezra time to steal a TIE Defender program to the lower,... Interested in yielding results for his Emperor as to buy Ezra time to steal Y-Wings... The Spectres escaped, Kallus hoped that the rebels a chance to escape Jun! He discovered Ezra 's helmet, which discovered that Thrawn had learned about shuttle. Assisted the Alliance both tactically and in the Imperial Academy along with his former ISB instructor Wullf Yularen had! Arrived to see the Empire trusting him discovered that Thrawn had a new of. Forgiven Kallus, not wishing to defeat his rival in an escape from the Academy! At-Te walker they inhabited a Fulcrum operative, Kallus expressed gratitude to his contact! Vader interrupted their conversation and suggested that the Ghost ruthless t… could he be Agent Kallus and Ryder led the...

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